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Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet Me Under The Willow Tree

First willow tree our family planted...
Willow Trees 
Just something about this tree has always had my heart. The flowing branches with its thin green leaves almost sweeping the ground--magnificent. The tree can be romantic, mystical or even turn a leaf and be part of a horror novel.

Second Entry
My second entry to Paragraph Planet is an excerpt from a novel I am currently going to re-publish, Romance is in...New England Farmhouse Bride. Again, the 75 paragraph had to be tweaked to meet the guidelines.

Meet Me Under the Willow Tree 
Granddaddy told the story of giving a willow tree as a gift. The branches of the willow tree are a collection of love. If the love of the person planting the tree is strong, the willow tree will grow strong. And, if one day mistletoe grows on the willow tree, the love will last forever. The willow tree my granddaddy gifted my grandmother had mistletoe on it every year.


RIP Sam. One of our rescues who loved resting under our willow tree...

If you've taken the time to visit today, thank-you!


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