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Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet Me Under The Willow Tree

First willow tree our family planted...
Willow Trees 
Just something about this tree has always had my heart. The flowing branches with its thin green leaves almost sweeping the ground--magnificent. The tree can be romantic, mystical or even turn a leaf and be part of a horror novel.

Second Entry
My second entry to Paragraph Planet is an excerpt from a novel I am currently going to re-publish, Romance is in...New England Farmhouse Bride. Again, the 75 paragraph had to be tweaked to meet the guidelines.

Meet Me Under the Willow Tree 
Granddaddy told the story of giving a willow tree as a gift. The branches of the willow tree are a collection of love. If the love of the person planting the tree is strong, the willow tree will grow strong. And, if one day mistletoe grows on the willow tree, the love will last forever. The willow tree my granddaddy gifted my grandmother had mistletoe on it every year.


RIP Sam. One of our rescues who loved resting under our willow tree...

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Could Be A Candy Shop for Writers...

Seventy-Five Word Paragraph Entries
Stumbled upon this on Twitter today. The site called Paragraph Planet  publishes a 75 word paragraph every day since 2008. That's impressive!

Who Can Submit?
The site states, "Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured." 

Aspiring Writer? Famous? Dabbler?
Aspiring writer, a bit more than a dabbler. That's me.

My 75 Word Paragraph Entry Below-

       The Seasons Are The Reasons
When the heat of summer is too much to bear, a cool breeze appears lifting our spirit. Fall leaves float to the ground but will grow back vibrant because we have hope. Snow will become winter’s blanket, with the magical emotions we felt as a child, because we have the belief. And spring will bring new life no matter the weather or challenges we face because we have courage.


The Story Behind My Entry-
Years ago, I had a small company called Under the Willow that created Billows™ (small pillows of comfort) for cancer patients. A gift card was included with the entry above. I did have to "tweak" it a bit to meet the 75 word paragraph guideline.

The Romance of Summer...

And lastly...
I can find romance in so many things including the change of the seasons (that inspired my entry). I believe romance is the circle of the Earth's life and love. Photos capture my seasons.

The Romance of Fall...
The Romance of Winter...
And the Romance of Spring...

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Late Starter But Early Bloomer...

Say what? You can't be both, a later starter and an early bloomer? Can you? Well, why not? Let me explain.

First, it's easier to work backwards. I am like that sometimes. You'll understand why soon. I was an early bloomer. After, my first year of college West Point (WP) allowed women to enter. I'll never forget that WP application on the living room table,  just waiting for me to open it. One look at the application cover, and I knew my waist long blonde hair must go. Me? No way? My dad, a 1953 WP grad, thought I'd be willing to cut my hair? Not.

 Dad was wrong, but mom was right. 

Soon after my first year of college, and that West Point application was still scaring the heck out of me, I got married. I remember my mom's words today, "If you get married, you'll never finish college. A baby will come in no time."

Ya know, moms, mums, mamas, mothers, are always darn right. I know mine was.

Married at 18, first baby at 19. Third baby by 26, Gigi (Grandma Garvin) by 43. So, there I was an early bloomer into motherhood and grandma-hood.

Not one time did I regret those years.

A late starter. Yep, me in a nutshell. Finished college at 47, at 30 became a newspaper columnist in the Washington, D.C., and now dabbling into the world of a romantic novelist. It's an incredible ride so far.

I see life this way. If I had gone to WP, I wouldn't have been married over 40 years, with 3 kiddos and 6 grandchildren. AND if I had finished college in my early 20's, my oldest grand girlie would not have attended my University Maryland graduation.

If you've made it this far reading my first blog, thank you for taking the time to "listen", and hope you'll visit again. And if you love reading, writing, creating, love animals (we have several rescue pups) then we are already friends.

Please let me know you were here, and I'd love to visit your blog too.


University Maryland Graduation with oldest grand girlie.