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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holidays at Fishing Creek Cottage

Holidays at Fishing Creek Cottage...

When do you start to decorate for the holidays? 

Before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving---or neither? Maybe you haven't started yet. 

Winter village goes up first...

I start right before Thanksgiving and continue through the beginning of December. If I put our Christmas tree up in November, it will not be lit until after the turkey day celebration.

Our kitchen is the hub of all holiday entertaining...

Since moving full-time in our weekend cottage- there are many boxes of decorations left untouched in the attic. But, this jolly guy comes out every year.

One of my first ceramic pieces- seems like centuries ago...

Do you have collections? 

I love to collect Woodland animals. I have found these wooly animals at a local shop, and several at a thrift shop in our town.

Part of my Woodland animal collection. Found this fellow at a local thrift shop...

I also love to collect moose. This family of moose has been part of our holiday decorations for about ten years.

Do you get snow in your area?

Snow can easily put someone in the holiday mood. I know it does me!

First snow. The red cottage is my craft/ writing room...

 What are your favorite scents of the holiday? 

Apple spice, orange, pine... I love them all!

Ah- the aroma of scented pines...

Do any of your crafts or hobbies used for decorations, etc.?

My crafts include soap making and sewing. Almost all my Christmas gifts get tucked inside a homemade bag that can be used endlessly for years. I have made hundreds of these bags over the years, and never get tired of my collection of holiday fabric. Sound familiar?

It is my sincerest wish that you have a wonderful holiday filled with the love of family and friends...If you'd like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Second Novel now available!

My second novel in my series of Romance is in... is now available!

Take a family's journey to find the circle of love and life. A visit to a secluded cabin will change the lives of those who visit forever.

So many ways to read my books! On your phone, kindle, computer, iPad, etc..

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Guest Blog Post with Nina Romano!

Recently, Nina Romano invited me to write a guest post on her blog. If you don't know Nina- you should. She is an award-winning author who has wonderful books on several venues like Amazon

When she asked me to write a blog- the hardest thing was "what" to write. She said to look at what other guest bloggers wrote. I did, and was impressed! AND I thought, what could I offer? 

After throwing around several ideas, I kept coming back to my submission to Hallmark, in 2017.

If you'd like to read my guest post, go here.

P.S. When Nina asked me to write a guest blog, I asked if we could wait until my first novel was published. My novel is now available here

The story is a sweet romance wrapped up in the holidays. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

My debut novel is now available on Amazon!

A wholesome sweet love story perfect for the holidays. You won't need a cracklin' fireplace or hot chocolate to enjoy this story. Just sink into a comfy chair.

5-star review: 
A charming love story. Set in snowy Vermont, I could feel the fire crackling and the moon shining on the snow as the characters discovered their destiny. A good read. I recommend this for romantics of all ages.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lights, Camera, Action! A Writer's Inspiration.

Image from here.

Lights, Camera, Action!
If you are a writer, a choreographer, a teacher, or actually anyone who sees, read, believes in something and that something inspires you- this post will not seem too odd. Maybe.

Light bulb not needed here. We are all inspired. It motives us in different ways. We hear a phrase, see a picture, watch something in our daily life, hear something etc. We even like to talk about it, dream about it, and sometimes show it.

Much of my inspiration comes from very visual things. A snapshot I took, a snapshot you took, an article, a book, something  viewed on social media. Then there is this tree in my backyard. When the camera captures a picture of this tree, I know it looks just how you see it below. But...
...there isn't a time I see this tree and not think of this below... When Novelicious on twitter posted this image I thought to myself, That's exactly the way I see the tree in my yard! 
Image from Novelicious on twitter

So many things inspire me and I imagine you too. Another example is this image below of a cabin wall in one of our homes. See the many orbs? I could easily be inspired to write a mystery story including the unknown about orbs and more.

What inspires you? 

The possibilities are endless. Best of luck in any adventure your inspiration takes you!

If you taken the time to visit, thank you. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

My Three Elements of Selecting a Book To Read

My Three Elements With A Fourth As A Bonus
Cover, Title, Reviews, and the bonus connecting with the author on a social media platform. I joined Twitter not too long ago, and have had the pleasure to tweet with Nina Romano, author of The Secret Language of Women. Read my book review in this post. 

I'm a visual person, so the cover really has to grab my attention. The Secret Language of Women has a gorgeous cover. Intriguing.

Again, has to grab my attention. Something I can relate to and would like to learn more, etc.  The Secret Language of Women. I'm a woman. Enough said. I had to read this book.

Before purchasing any book, especially through the Internet, I LOVE to read the reviews. Before I made my purchase of The Secret Language of Women, I read through lots of reviews. Pleasantly, the novel had almost all 5 stars with wonderful comments. I did think some reviews gave too much plot info.

If you are a writer, or a book lover, you are already well aware of social media platforms. Channeling these social platforms are a great way to interact with these people. It has been nice tweeting with Nina Romano. Not only is she a talented writer, but a down to earth person who mentors other writers. Nice.

My Book Review: The Secret Language of Women
Nina Romano offers the mysterious spice of her world travels with the The Secret Language of Women. The turbulent deep-rooted history of China is weaved throughout this novel.  It captures the journey for freedom driven by forbidden love. Strong family traditions complicate this love and will bring the reader into an imaginable world. Intriguing and captivating The Secret Language of Women was a stand-out read.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,

Carrie Garvin

Thursday, May 10, 2018

How My Mother Lost Her Life But Saved Mine...

I know I know It May Sound Cliche'
But, if I can save one life then my thoughts of I'm going to write about what? Heck, that's too embarrassing, isn't it.? Well, it ends up I care enough about your life to spill it out. So here goes...
Shortly before she passed. My Mother, Florence, and me.

Mother's Day & My Mother's Birthday
It was a beautiful time of the year in our family. Mom's birthday and Mother's Day always fell on the same week. Sometimes on the same day. What a gift. This year should have been my mom's 85th birthday. She passed at a young 83. She could still be here IF only...

The Hidden Monster Lurked For Ten Years
Short of 2 years before Mom passed there was pain off and on. Left side, intestinal problems. The beautiful Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother of family gathering now barely able to attend. So, what could possibly be going on?

Health Record Clean As A Whistle
Mom's health professionals just thought it was an intestinal virus; after all her health record was clean- shiny white. No high blood pressure, blood counts always great, no health issues ever, watched her weight, ate healthy. They were wrong. 

The Dreaded "C" Word
I'm sure your first thought was cancer, but this time it's colonoscopy. Oh, how we hate the thought of that procedure! And you may think for good reasons, but it saves lives- so listen up. Mom's first colonoscopy was at 82 (recommended age is 50). Diagnosis: Stage IV colon cancer that already invaded her liver, and quickly metastasize to bones. I will never forget the doctor at John Hopkins Hospital who removed mom's colon tumor, "This tumor has been growing for 10 years, and cancer could have been avoided IF she had a colonoscopy years ago". Did you hear that? IF, only mom had not avoided the colonoscopy because her sister had one bad experience with the procedure 40 years before. 

White Coat Syndrome
That's me. Could have my name after those words. Hate needles, blood, even getting my blood pressure taken. For 50 some years I was happy as a lark avoiding the colonoscopy, after all, mom never needed one and was already in her 80's. But, those words haunted me from the doctor at John Hopkins Hospital, "This tumor has been growing for 10 years, and cancer could have been avoided IF she had a colonoscopy years ago". I said to myself, suck it up buttercup and made the appointment for my colonoscopy.

Three Colonoscopies Later
My first colonoscopy was shortly after mom's colon cancer diagnosis. I had 15 polys- all precancerous. IF, they weren't removed there was a chance I would have colon cancer within 3-5 years. Second colonoscopy I had 9 polyps and again all precancerous. My most recent, and third colonoscopy they found 3- two were precancerous. But, there's good news. I don't have to go back for a colonoscopy for 3 years. That is a gift. Music to my ears and heart. I'm okay.

Believe Me When I Say
If my mother had not had her colonoscopy I would have never, ever, had a colonoscopy. My mother had hers too late, but I didn't and it was because of her grave diagnosis I had one, and lived. I will always thank my mother for the gift of life she has given me. Please make that appointment because it really saves lives!

I Have A Secret
Remember me with the white coat syndrome? It end's up the colonoscopy procedure is a breeze. Trust me. Believe me. The day before you prep for the procedure. Drink, poop, drink. Really, it's not as bad as you think. Again, trust me. For the procedure you will be put in a gentle sleep, feel nothing and wake up with usually no discomfort- maybe a little gas. 

If You Have Taken The Time To Read This Post
Thank you. If after reading this post you or someone you know was thinking twice about having a colonoscopy procedure and now will get one- you have made my day, night, year! And if you need a hand to hold because you are too scared, have a story to share, or just need more information about a colonoscopy- message me or leave a comment.


One day after dreadful chemo mom yelled, "Stop the car!" My niece took this picture. Rainbow. Mom. Smiles. Perfect.