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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holidays at Fishing Creek Cottage

Holidays at Fishing Creek Cottage...

When do you start to decorate for the holidays? 

Before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving---or neither? Maybe you haven't started yet. 

Winter village goes up first...

I start right before Thanksgiving and continue through the beginning of December. If I put our Christmas tree up in November, it will not be lit until after the turkey day celebration.

Our kitchen is the hub of all holiday entertaining...

Since moving full-time in our weekend cottage- there are many boxes of decorations left untouched in the attic. But, this jolly guy comes out every year.

One of my first ceramic pieces- seems like centuries ago...

Do you have collections? 

I love to collect Woodland animals. I have found these wooly animals at a local shop, and several at a thrift shop in our town.

Part of my Woodland animal collection. Found this fellow at a local thrift shop...

I also love to collect moose. This family of moose has been part of our holiday decorations for about ten years.

Do you get snow in your area?

Snow can easily put someone in the holiday mood. I know it does me!

First snow. The red cottage is my craft/ writing room...

 What are your favorite scents of the holiday? 

Apple spice, orange, pine... I love them all!

Ah- the aroma of scented pines...

Do any of your crafts or hobbies used for decorations, etc.?

My crafts include soap making and sewing. Almost all my Christmas gifts get tucked inside a homemade bag that can be used endlessly for years. I have made hundreds of these bags over the years, and never get tired of my collection of holiday fabric. Sound familiar?

It is my sincerest wish that you have a wonderful holiday filled with the love of family and friends...If you'd like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.


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