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Monday, May 14, 2018

My Three Elements of Selecting a Book To Read

My Three Elements With A Fourth As A Bonus
Cover, Title, Reviews, and the bonus connecting with the author on a social media platform. I joined Twitter not too long ago, and have had the pleasure to tweet with Nina Romano, author of The Secret Language of Women. Read my book review in this post. 

I'm a visual person, so the cover really has to grab my attention. The Secret Language of Women has a gorgeous cover. Intriguing.

Again, has to grab my attention. Something I can relate to and would like to learn more, etc.  The Secret Language of Women. I'm a woman. Enough said. I had to read this book.

Before purchasing any book, especially through the Internet, I LOVE to read the reviews. Before I made my purchase of The Secret Language of Women, I read through lots of reviews. Pleasantly, the novel had almost all 5 stars with wonderful comments. I did think some reviews gave too much plot info.

If you are a writer, or a book lover, you are already well aware of social media platforms. Channeling these social platforms are a great way to interact with these people. It has been nice tweeting with Nina Romano. Not only is she a talented writer, but a down to earth person who mentors other writers. Nice.

My Book Review: The Secret Language of Women
Nina Romano offers the mysterious spice of her world travels with the The Secret Language of Women. The turbulent deep-rooted history of China is weaved throughout this novel.  It captures the journey for freedom driven by forbidden love. Strong family traditions complicate this love and will bring the reader into an imaginable world. Intriguing and captivating The Secret Language of Women was a stand-out read.

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